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Word Play

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For fun, I tell people I’m a scientist, working in fictional professions:

Etymological Entomologist — Studies Book Worms

Pachydermal Ichthyologist — Studies swimming elephants : Facts & Video — What, you’ve never heard of elephant seals?

Phantasmological Mathematician — Studies ghostly and spiritual math as in:

Question: Spencer the Sociable Spirit and his 5 friends — Casper, Wendy, Hot Stuff, Spooky, and Pearl — all want to sit on a fence post. How many rails and posts does the fence need so they all can sit on a fencepost at the same time?

Answer: 5 rails and 6 posts. Every fence has 1 more post than rails.  Confused?  Imagine a fence with only one rail ( it looks like this: |-| ).   See? Two posts has one Rail. Similarly 3 posts has 2 rails: |-|-| and so on…

This is known in Phantasmological Mathematics as the “Spence Ghost Problem”. (That’s a joke, son. Don’t get it? See Fencepost Problem) *

* Careful readers will note that ghosts don’t sit anyway. They float non-mathematically above this sort of pun.
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