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Oliphant: Sarah Palin, Surveyor


From Oliphant, printed in the Washington Post, January 20 2011:

Oliphant Jan 20 2011 -- Sarah Palin Hunts John Boehner

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Palin: Blood Libel


Sarah Palin, unable to learn the problem of inciting political rhetoric, raises the ante to inciting religious rhetoric:  Sarah Palin Accuses Media of “Blood Libel” after Tucson Shooting

No amount of lipstick can cover this pig.

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Hero intern may have saved Giffords’ life


And now a word about people who made a difference with their bravery, knowledge, and care for the fellows.

Hero intern may have saved Giffords’ life

A calm and composed congressional intern who underwent basic nursing training while in high school said Monday that he knew that if U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was to have any chance of surviving her gunshot wound, he would have to stem the flow of blood coming from her head.

“I could tell she had a very severe gunshot but I was just trying do my best until emergency medical services could arrive,” Daniel Hernandez, 20, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer via satellite.

That is, contrasted with the people who use rhetoric or pictures or cartoons to score political points.

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Sarah Palin’s New Lipstick


Palin Aide: Symbols Weren’t Rifle Sights, but Surveyor’s Marks

Palin actually said that?  Yep, according to The Atlantic:

What???  Really???

I don’t blame Sarah Palin for the tragic shooting in Tuscon, AZ.

I do blame Sarah Palin for her rhetoric that uses guns and shootin’ metaphors.  I blame Sarah Palin for raising the temperature of the political debate without shedding any more light.  I blame Sarah Palin for pretending that her rifle targets are merely surveyor’s maps.

Thus, Sarah Palin needs to label her rhetoric honestly:

Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

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Here’s To Fail

Sisyphus' Slope

In our never-ending quest for the latest in failure:

15 mistakes young entrepreneurs make, but don’t have to

( From CNN: )

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