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Medicare and Social Security: keep your promises

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AARP encouraged me to contact my Representative and Senators about my concerns for Medicare and Social Security.

I wrote:

Trust is the most important thing in home life, in business, and government.  To earn and keep Trust, I’ve learned that a promise is a promise, and a deal is a deal.  You’ve got to keep your promises.  You’ve got to honor the deal you’ve made.

Medicare and Social Security are a promise and a deal with Americans that they will not face their elder years alone, that the government has their back.  We’ve paid into these programs, and made our retirement plans based on the promises and deals you, the government, have made with us.  Will you keep your promise, and adhere to your deal?

I am not unaware that Medicare is in crisis, and Social Security MIGHT be in crisis if we don’t act soon.  But take action by making a new promise and deal with younger people, those with more time and flexibility to make other arrangements for their elder years.  Don’t break the promise you’ve already made with us, the older.

Of course, the sacrifice must be shared, otherwise Americans like me will feel we’re getting a worthless promise and a rotten deal.  Substantially raise or remove the salary cap for Social Security.  Reject Medicare vouchers that would separate payouts (vouchers) from the actual cost of the care… leaving the elderly poor at risk of not having enough money for their care, without the safety net you, the government, promised they would have.

Again I ask: will you keep your promise?  Will you adhere to the deal you made?

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Kate & Leopold — smarter than necessary

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I caught Kate & Leopold on TV yesterday and was reminded that it’s way smarter than it needed to be for a rom-com…. and beautifully cast and acted BTW.  I appreciate that the movie makers had, as my son Ben said, respect for the material, the audience, and themselves as artists.

Here’s a quote I love:

Stuart: It is no more crazy than a dog finding a rainbow. Dogs are colourblind, Gretchen. They don’t see colour. Just like we don’t see time. We can feel it, we can feel it passing, but we can’t see it. It’s just like a blur. It’s like we’re riding in a supersonic train and the world is just blowing by, but imagine if we could stop that train, eh, Gretchen? Imagine if we could stop that train, get out, look around, and see time for what it really is? A universe, a world, a thing as unimaginable as colour to a dog, and as real, as tangible as that chair you’re sitting in. Now if we could see it like that, really look at it, then maybe we could see the flaws as well as the form. And that’s it; it’s that simple. That’s all I discovered. I’m just a… a guy who saw a crack in a chair that no one else could see. I’m that dog who saw a rainbow, only none of the other dogs believed me.

Gretchen: I believe you.

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