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Abortion & Libertarianism

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From a discussion I had on YouTube —

The discussion is about abortion and libertarianism.  I argue that the government has no place in making the abortion decision, not if one wants to call himself a Libertarian.  How can one be for “Liberty” but still think the government should make moral decisions for its citizens?

jtwilson777 replied:

Your argument is one that the Libertarian Party has supported for years. Yet it completely neglects one of the essential ideas of libertarianism, which is the individual is free to do what he or she feels so long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. Clearly killing a living being is an infringement on their rights. I do believe it should be the right of the people to decide these matters at the local level.

Obviously I am not for prohibition of abortion completely, because prohibition of anything will never work. These things should be decided at the state level. And there should be no disagreement on the point of viability. A clear majority of babies survive in the 5 to 6 month range. So no abortions after 6 months. My point is, there is a point at which a baby has a great chance of survival. Libertarians do not except this because it make part of the platform hypocritical.

My response:

I appreciate your thoughtful and logical position. Ron Paul doesn’t take your “viability” stance, he says life begins at fertilization and would prohibit abortion completely. I find your stance more in line with Libertarianism, and Paul’s not. And this was my entry point into this debate here, that Paul’s stance is inconsistent… leading me to doubt him completely.

Even beyond the 5-6 month viable stage, there must be some allowance for necessary abortions, based on the health of the mother. Even after birth, doctors (and families) are sometimes (albeit rarely) faced with a choice between saving one patient or the other. The choice has nothing to do with the rights of one vs the other; the choice is based on the particular medical circumstances. And even then, the decision is the families’ and doctors — not the government’s.

When we talk about abortion, we presuppose the mother will be the one saved and not the baby. But that is not always true. I have a close family member who was given a choice by the doctor who believed he could only save one (the mother or the child)… which one did the father want saved?

Fortunately, both survived, but the father did make that difficult call before that happened. Not the Fed govt, not the State govt, not the “local” govt, and nobody on YouTube.

Being allowed to make that choice is real freedom, real liberty.  When you find a candidate that will allow YOU to make those decisions and NOT the state, you will really have a candidate that deserves to call himself a Libertarian.

And an American.

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