These stories were written my own amusement, but if you want to publish them and make me famous enough to appear as the primary guest on the Tonight Show, I won’t stop you. ┬áSure, you can bid on the film rights:

Stravinsky’s Anastasia (still writing…)
A 9/11 love story, mystery, history; a sometimes fictional novel.

Mo’s Time (.pdf) (2003)
New-age novella about a time-traveling woman’s spiritual quest.

La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin (.pdf) (2002)
Short story accompanied by Debussy’s La Fille Aux Cheveux De Lin.

Standards (.pdf) (2002)
In this short story, a musician goes astray and finds himself.

The Day The Buildings Fell Down (.pdf) (2001)
Children’s picture book about 9/11

Waiting for Lightspeed (.pdf) (1998)
Novella: There are those who go and those who wait.

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