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Line Item Vito: Obama oath of office

Line Item Vito

Change is Change.


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Line Item Vito: Disaster Response

Line Item Vito

This comic became a litmus test of sorts. I received a number of emails and comments that accused me of pro-Bush bias because it appeared — to some writers — that I was saying the only reason the Democrats were criticizing Bush was because of politics. Ironically, my intent for the comic was the exact opposite. I thought a comic that listed the litany of Bush’s failures could only be interpreted as an anti-Bush statement.

Go figure.

BTW, I’ve sometimes read on other websites that Line Item Vito is a “conservative” comic. That makes me laugh. I just try to point out the politically absurd wherever I find it, and every party has hosted the theater of the absurd. That’s not conservative nor liberal. That’s Line Item Vito, the comic and character.

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