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Placebo Domingo

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Not the same as the famous singer, but 16% of the people enjoy him just the same.

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Uncategorized / Misc is a new web service which is (in their words):

a platform where musicians, label managers, sponsors and fans can network and collaborate openly, with the common goal of increasing free distribution and value of independent music while ensuring the artists are getting paid.

They’re still in Alpha testing, but here is a contribution from me:

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Futility Music

Sisyphus' Slope

Music to be tortured by

See Torture By Music at to learn what is…

known in the torture trade as futility music — chosen to “convince the prisoner of the futility of maintaining his position”.


US military have been using music as a form of torture in Iraq. Psychological operations (or psyops) play Metallica’s Enter Sandman or Eminem’s White America at excruciating volumes as a way of ‘breaking’ Iraqi prisoners of war.

Mother Jones magazine publishes the Torture Playlist so you can keep up to date with all the latest is torture tunes.

Who will be the next Top Tuneful Torturer?

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Line Item Vito: Voting Machines in Song

Line Item Vito

sung to the toon of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

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