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Trump card 2016 same as 2012

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Looking back at a post from Aug 5, 2011 re: the 2012 elections.  Quoting

[...] the Republican Party considers the power of its ideology, not the brains or accomplishments of its leaders, its trump card in 2012.

See old post: Aug 5, 2011 post: “Good article about Gov. Rick Perry”

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Jeb Bush from 2005: Terry Schiavo

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Lest we forget politicians’ histories:

Line Item Vito:

Jeb Bush, Terry Schiavo

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I created XOFNews — pronounced like “Scoff News” — because FOX News has gone through the looking glass and become a mirror image of itself.

Last week, FOX News fired Sarah Palin and hired Dennis Kucinich.

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Want Small Government? Fund Education.

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Education is the silver bullet.

If you want a smaller government and a better America, eliminate every federal agency except a lavishly funded Department of Education. Well educated citizens will figure out and organize the rest on their own. Don’t bother redistributing wealth; redistribute knowledge instead, making sure every person has solid gold education guaranteed.

Buckminster Fuller said that one person in 100,000 will create something that will pay for the other 99,999… but you won’t be able to predict who that 1 will be. So you must educate all 100,000 equally.

The answers are at hand.

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The 1959 Mike Wallace Ayn Rand Interview (video)

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I’m no fan of Ayn Rand, but I recommend this video as an introduction to Rand’s Objectivism:

YouTube -- 1959 Mike Wallace / Ayn Rand Interview

Here’s my comment on this video:

I’m no fan of Rand’s Objectivist philosophy. But her thinking is clear and this interview makes an excellent introduction. This video gets my strong thumbs-up.

But Objectivism starts with a false premise, thus leads to a false conclusion. The false premise is rejection of a human soul and the innate value of that soul; so naturally her conclusion is that rational thought alone is how human value should be judged.

Valuing soul and rationality BOTH together form a human’s total value.

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