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Hero intern may have saved Giffords’ life


And now a word about people who made a difference with their bravery, knowledge, and care for the fellows.

Hero intern may have saved Giffords’ life

A calm and composed congressional intern who underwent basic nursing training while in high school said Monday that he knew that if U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was to have any chance of surviving her gunshot wound, he would have to stem the flow of blood coming from her head.

“I could tell she had a very severe gunshot but I was just trying do my best until emergency medical services could arrive,” Daniel Hernandez, 20, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer via satellite.

That is, contrasted with the people who use rhetoric or pictures or cartoons to score political points.

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Sarah Palin’s New Lipstick


Palin Aide: Symbols Weren’t Rifle Sights, but Surveyor’s Marks

Palin actually said that?  Yep, according to The Atlantic:

What???  Really???

I don’t blame Sarah Palin for the tragic shooting in Tuscon, AZ.

I do blame Sarah Palin for her rhetoric that uses guns and shootin’ metaphors.  I blame Sarah Palin for raising the temperature of the political debate without shedding any more light.  I blame Sarah Palin for pretending that her rifle targets are merely surveyor’s maps.

Thus, Sarah Palin needs to label her rhetoric honestly:

Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

Sarah Palin's New Lipstick

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Comment re: Iowa GOP ready to push hard on social issues in 2011

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I left a comment at Iowa Independent re: the Iowa GOP’s coming agenda:

Iowa GOP ready to push hard on social issues in 2011, by Tyler Kingkade :

Legislation to end or curb same-sex marriage and abortion is beginning to take shape as the Iowa General Assembly prepares for a busy 2011 session. The non-partisan Legislative Services Agency is reported to be handling about 650 bill requests from current and soon-to-be members of the legislature, as well as 150 from state agencies, and many aim to start debate on contentious social issues

My comment:

So much hate from the GOP. It’s homophobic, religious intolerance that drives their agenda. It’s the same beliefs that drive jihads, the Crusades, and the Inquisition. That is: you must act according to their religious beliefs or be persecuted.

These people need to reflect on the key, and first, freedom of America: From the 1st Amendment: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof [...]“. That means, in no uncertain terms, that America is not a conservative Christian nation where Christian religious beliefs are our laws.

Homosexuals can get married in Iowa because they are people protected by Iowa’s and America’s freedoms. The unconstitutional homophobic law enacted to prevent same-sex marriage was rightly and unanimously overturned by Iowa’s Supreme Court. New laws aimed at chipping away at gay rights will again be overturned.

Here is what I propose: Conservative Christians should move to another country where Christianity is already the official religion. I’d suggest France where Catholicism is the official religion but the GOP’s Protestant Christians wouldn’t find life under Catholic rule all that comfortable. Plus the GOP keeps telling us that the French are gay. How about the Netherlands? That’s Protestant, but of course they are the kind of Protestants who like socialist programs.

OK, so maybe we should go back and look at the pre-Civil War boundary lines. The GOP can have all the states that used to be slave states, but without the slavery. Pretty much most of the red states except Utah. (Since the GOP hasn’t made up its mind whether Mormons are Christians, I assume the GOP would want to leave Utah in America.)

Then the rest of America can enjoy our American freedoms in peace, protected from the GOP’s theocratic tyranny.

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GOP Still the other white meat


From Frank Rich at the New York Times:

The Republicans haven’t had a single African-American in the Senate or the House since 2003 and have had only three in total since 1935.


The Tea Party movement is virtually all white.

Can you put 2 + 2 together?

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Republican, Inc

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Forget the Republican party. Forget political parties at all.

Instead, create a for-profit corporation and sign up shareholders instead of party members.

In this ABCNews article — Whose Tea Party Is It? Nashville Convention Stirs Debate:

Convention spokesman Mark Skoda acknowledged Wednesday that [Judson] Phillips and his wife Sherry Phillips, founders of the for-profit Tea Party Nation Inc., will “make a few bucks” on the event at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Convention Center. But Skoda questioned why that should be anyone’s concern.

“Have we gone so far in the Obama-socialist view of the nation that ‘profit’ is a bad word? In particular, if we’re using it to advance the conservative cause?” Skoda asked.

It’s  a perfect time for the idea of party-as-corporation.  What with the Supreme Court granting personhood rights to corporations, your political corporation has much more freedom to use the power of the dollar to advance your cause.

And it might be profitable too.  As a shareholder you would earn dividends and benefit from increasing stock prices.  The corporation would profit from sales of bumper stickers, lawn signs, elephant hats for conventions, tea sets for tea parties, etc.  A corporation is BETTER than a party.

Forget political polls.  We’ll just track the stock prices of Republican Inc and Democratic Inc.

I have seen the future of politics: it looks like Wall Street.  Will the government decide Republican, Inc is too big to fail?


P.S. a government of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation…

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