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What is it about Undecided voters?


Why are undecided voters swayed so easily? Don’t they have any opinion about the difference between Democrats and Republicans, let alone the various (nearly-)single-issue parties, such as the Green or Libertarian parties?

Do Undecideds look at each major partisan issue and are unable to form an opinion? I imagine the Undecided voters go through a process like this:

1. Abortion: Gee, I’m undecided about that. Is a fertilized egg a human being? Should the government decide whether a woman should have a baby or not? Hmmm…. such a close call. Instead of thinking about it and forming an opinion and then deciding which of the parties best represents my interests in this regard, I think I’ll skip this issue and go on to the next.

2. Iraq War: Gee, I’m undecided about the Iraq war. Maybe if we stay there another 6 years I’ll be able to make up my mind. After all, I still haven’t made up my mind whether I like the Korean war — er, police action.

3. … and so on down the line, eliminating all the “hard” questions until we reach the only issue they can understand and have formed an opinion on: LIPSTICK!

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